Louis CK 'SNL' Recap: Lincoln, Monologue Standup, Last Call, Fun And More In First Post-Sandy 'Saturday Night Live' [VIDEO]

By Jacob Kleinman on November 4, 2012 2:46 PM EST 0

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Louis CK SNL recap: Last Call, Lincoln, Standup and more. Watch it below. (Photo: Facebook / SNL)

Louis CK hosted SNL this weekend, marking the sketch show's return following Hurricane Sandy's devastation of the Northeast last weekend. Overall the episode was a mix of hilarious and boring sketches, though several Louis specific jokes were particularly funny. Here's out recap of the latest SNL episode. Scroll down to watch videos of all the best sketches.

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SNL's col open last night parodied NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NJ Governor Chris Christie's emergency announcements regarding Hurricane Sandy. For Bloomberg (Fred Armisen) the joke targeted his questionably Spanish as well as his sign language interpreter, who became an internet sensation overnight thanks to her energetic gesturing. Governor Christie (Bobby Moynihan) addressed his recent 'bromance' with President Obama, who toured the destruction in NJ with Christie. Moynihan's Christie states that he'll be a "good soldier" and vote Romney on Tuesday, but in all honesty he's rooting for Obama.

The highlight of last night's SNL was Louis CK's opening monologue, a rare exemption from the typically unbearable, musical monologues we're usually subjected to. Louis walked on stage and quickly delved into seven minutes of straight standup, which is where the comedian really shines.

Louis began by managing to spin comedy out of Manhattan's week-long blackout.

"Today they turned the power back on so now we can go back to using way too much electricity," he said. "Like criminal amounts of electricity....turn on the heat and the air conditioning and let them fight."

From there he moved on to his own experience flying into NYC to appear on SNL.

"I was stuck at the airport," he said. "This old lady falls down. You know when old ladies fall down and their all inappropriate. You're like 'ew, now I have a working knowledge of underwear in the 20s.'"

Louis already had the entire audience laughing but he wasn't done by a long-shot.

"It's like a game of decency chicken," he continued. "You're hoping you can be like 'good job buddy he got it.'"

Unfortunately for Louis, he lost this round of chicken.

"So i had to pick up an old lady i don't know," he said. "We sat there at her gate for like two hours and she said a bunch of stuff that will change my life and I'll never forget it. She really was amazing. As she got on the plane she turns around and says, 'I shall never forget you.' I connect with old ladies because they don't care. the filter comes off at 72. They're like the guy leaving his office for the last time yelling 'You're fat. never liked you!' I wish i desired them, sexually. Really, I wish that I could get a b*n*r from an old lady. cause then i'd be set. I'd find one and stay with her for the rest of her life..."

You get the idea. Louis is, arguably, the best standup comedian on the stage today, and he took the opportunity last night to deliver a classic slice of his own bizarre perspective on life.

The best sketch of the night was "Lincoln," which featured Louis CK as Abraham Lincoln in a show modeled after his own hit comedy. Louis's Lincoln forces an awkward interaction with a freed slave who's now shoveling horse manure for a living and deals with an aggravated Mary Todd (portrayed by new SNL player Aidy Bryant). Onstage at the Comedy Cellar, Lincoln jokes about his impending assassination. It sounds dark, but for "Louis" fans already comfortable with the comedians black sense of humor "Lincoln" was the clear winner from last night.

The next sketch was the recurring "Fox & Friends", which is never particularly funny but does a good job of poking fun at Fox News' dumb hosts and disregard for facts. The best part of this sketch is always the "corrections" that quickly fly by at the end. They're easy to miss, so here they are from last night, courtesy of EW.

Next up was Fun's first set. I'm personally no fan of this Celtic-rock band and their hit single "We Are Young" (which they didn't even play). Itic might be reaching here, but based on Louis CK's own apathetic introduction of the band, I'm guessing he's not much of a fan either.

During Weekend Update we were treated to a Jason Sudeikis' Mitt Romney begging for votes, Cecily Strong as the recurring "Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation With at a Party," and Aidy Bryant as a social media expert discussing the election.

There wasn't much to talk about after Weekend Update. In one sketch Bobby Moynihan was forced to check out of a bizarre hotel where Louis was employed at the desk. In an unbearable sketch Louis and the rest of the cast dressed up as vikings and nothing funny happened. Louis actually hinted at this unfunny sketch in advance during an interview with Jimmy Fallon.

"There's one sketch that I'm in that I really hate, because what I'm doing in it is really embarrassing, and I'm wearing stuff, and it's awful," he told Fallon. "When I think about this one sketch, I go, 'Oh God, It's going to be awful.'"

The final sketch was actually pretty great. Louis CK and Kate McKinnon played the last two drunken patrons at a bar destined to hook up and regret it the next morning. While this sketch has been done dozens if not hundreds of times in the past, watching Louis and Kate's hysterical, sloppy kiss was both totally gross and completely awesome.

Watch the sketches for yourself below.

Cold Open:

Monologue Standup:


Last Call:

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