‘Motorola X’ Phone Privacy Concerns: Is Google’s Electronic Skin Tattoo 'Biostamp' And Proteus Digital Stomach Pill Insane? [REPORT&POLL]

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Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Many analysts have begun to express disquiet in advance of the expected summer or October release of the Motorola X. The phone is intended to be the first real Google "hero" phone. It will run stock Android and act as the flagship phone for Google, which has always lacked its own device. There is no doubt that the phone will be advanced and capable of competing with the iPhone 5 and fellow Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One Nexus Edition.

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The problem is that Motorola and Google have announced some incredibly invasive technologies for the Motorola X, including skin biostamps and stomach acid powered digital pills, not to mention always-on sensors that track your movements. Now, none of these technologies are likely to be released in the first consumer edition of the Moto X but they have "tested it authenticating a phone, and it works." That means that consumer versions are inevitable.

Credit: The Droid Razr via Motorola Mobility
Credit: The Droid Razr HD via Motorola Mobility

Motorola CEO Dennios Woodside spoke of the phone specs and made a mention that the phone would have "sensory awarness," meaning that it would be capable of knowing when a user was in the car or the office, allowing it to adjust itself with regard to its environment,. "It knows that when I take it out of my pocket I might want to do something, I might want to take a picture so it's gonna fire up the camera...Imagine when you're in the car the device will know, whether it's on or off, that it's travelling at 60 miles per hour, so it's gonna act differently. It's contextually aware of what's going on around it, it allows you to interact in very different ways than you can today with other devices," he said during the D11 conference.

That's just the tip of the iceberg though. Here are some creepy things we know about the Moto X:  

Electronic Tattoo with Biostamp

The biostamp electronic tattoo was implemented in the Motorola X as a security measure, due to the fact that  Moto's X structure is created from silicon and it incorporates antennae, electrical circuit and sensors which curves along with the carrier's body. Keep in mind that the electronic tattoo is working in the same way as the NFC chips do, and as you probably remember you can use the NFC chips to open a PC or any other account asking for a password.

Vitamin Authentication Pill from Proteus Digital Health

We are talking about an acid based authentication pill in the carrier's stomach which is meant to generate an 18-bit signal delivered to your smartphone.  The pill is creating a signal in the same way an electrocardiogram does, and can be switched on and off. Considering the fact that a human body conduces the electricity, you can activate the authentication demand with a simple touch.

In case you were hoping that's not as disturbing as it sounds, you're wrong. It is exactly as disturbing as it sounds. The 'biostamp' is a wearable tattoo that attaches to your skin and contains flexible electronic circuits that can stretch, just like a rubber stamp. It would allow your phone to identify you.

Not freaked out yet? The "Proteus Digital Health" pill is also exactly what it sounds like and, even better, has been approved by the US FDA and European regulatory agencies. It's a computer chip with a battery that is powered by stomach acid in the users stomach. So just to make it crystal clear, Google would like people to swallow a pill that will sit in your stomach so that you can acess and interface with your Motorola X phone by creating a unique signal that can verify a user's identity.

What justifies these invasive technologies? "Dugan pointed that a typical smartphone authentication process takes around 2.3 seconds every time, yet an ordinary smartphone user could find his or herself performing this feat as many as 100 times a day."

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First the Google Glass that you wear on your face, now wearable tattoo's that attach to your skin and electronic pills that you swallow which can track you. Not to sounds hysterical, but this is a level of social surveillance that "Big Brother" of Orwell's "1984" couldn't even dream of. Is it so difficult and onerous to remember a password that humans need to be tagged like animals to be able to use their phone more easily?

What do you think? Has Google gone too far? Let us know in the poll or comments section.

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